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Let's get to the bottom of Caluma!

What's inside Caluma

You have a process that is done manually or even on paper and you want to move into the digital world.

Your process has…

  • a form focus (e.g. application, certification, …)
  • various involved users and roles
  • a specific workflow of processing and decision-making

Let’s make a simple example to illustrate the way Caluma works:

  1. End-user submits an application
  2. The clerk makes an initial assessment
  3. The clerk forwards the application to the responsible specialists
  4. Specialists provide feedback
  5. After summarizing the feedback the clerk responds to the end-user

Caluma provides first-class support for such use cases by providing a service that allows you to:

  • Dynamically create complex forms
  • Define fine-grained permissions
  • Implement declarative business processes

This is how Caluma works


While the Caluma Service is universal, the Client can be entirely custom with embeddable default components so it can fulfill your specific needs.